Monday, July 18, 2011

New shop category: Oven cloths.

Hey, happy Monday! :) I've been sewing a lot the past days and weeks and I added a new category to my DaWanda shop where you can now buy those pretty oven cloths. In case you want one and only speak English, let me know which you want and I will also list it on etsy. :)
Which one do you like most? I love those pretty colors and the fruits, they make me think of summer and I think they are a super accessory for every kitchen. :)



  1. oh my, they look great! if any are still left by the time i get my paycheck i know where to spend my $$ at! :)

  2. They are delightful! Would cheer-up any kitchen! (-;

  3. Hi! You commented on my blog because i linked to you. (Thanks for stopping by:)) My post just said that I had been collecting some links with awsome DIY's. If you want to it should be possible to translate my blog using the translate widget to the right on my blog.

    Thank you for this great blog of yours. I have been following for quite a while ;)

    Ditte, Birdie and I
    (By the way. My post is in Danish and not in Swedish but it was a good guess. These two languages are very similar.

  4. Gott sind die toll! Ich glaube ich habe mich verliebt :)
    Grüße, Nicky

  5. Lu! These are so adorable! You are such a clever lady :)


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