Monday, July 11, 2011

Blog Party // DIY Summer Projects: Day 8.

Hey dear readers, here's a recipe for an easy summer smoothie! :)

 You need:
- A melon
- Bananas
- Kiwis
- A pineapple
- An apple
- Lemon balm
- Fresh lime juice

Of course you can also use other fruits to get another flavor. :)

 The only thing you have to do is to peel all the fruits, then chopp them or cut them into slices, put them into a bowl, add the fresh lime juice and some lemon balm and strain everything until you have a smooth mixture. In case it isn't fluid enough, add some water, juice or ice cones.

I used some leftovers of the fruits to decorate the glass and kept some smoothie for the next day for breakfast. <3

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