Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Blog Party // DIY Summer Projects: Day 2.

Hello everybody! :) Today I wanna share a delicious recipe by Birdie from food and fotos. I love her blog, because she always writes about really tasty, vegan recipes and tries out a lot of new things with vegetables, fruits and other things and thus, she regularly inspires me to try out those recipes, too. :) 


Vegan Pudding-Tartlets

I’m really happy about the oportunity to write a guest post for the Blog of the lovely Lu.
Today I’m gonna exclusively show you a new recipe for delicious vegan pudding-tartlets. It is a very easy and fast recipe, made of ingredients that most people that cook and bake regularly probably have at home anyway.

  • 7 organic Spelt-Tartlets
  • 3 plums
  • 2 apricots
  • 1 serving vanilla pudding powder
  • Sugar and soymilk (fort he pudding, look what the package says)
  • Vegan glaze

Prepare the pudding pursuant to the package. Let it cool down for some minutes and give some pudding on top of the tartlets. Let it cool down for some minutes again.
Put half of a apricot or plum on each tartlet.
Then prepare the glaze and put it on top of the tartlets.


Mhhjam, that sounds delicious! :) I hope you like that recipe and thank you for participating in my DIY week! :)


  1. Mm mm! Lu im so sorry I forgot about your email again!

  2. these look pretty and probably taste like they look.. yummmieee


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