Friday, July 15, 2011

Blog Party // DIY Summer Projects: Day 12.

Hello dear readers! :) Today my lovely friend Malin is going to show you a really awesome sewing tutorial for a really original bag! :)


Hello everybody!

I hope that you are having a very rainy and boring summer so that you can do all the great DIY tutorials the bloggers provided you with. :)

I am gonna explain how to make a very cool bag: a bag out of 2 records.

Material needed:
  • Fabric for the outer face of cotton or linen, approximately 1meter (I took black linen)
  • Fabric for the inner face of cotton, approximately 1 meter (I took blue floral patterned fabric)
  • 1 zipper of 30cm
  • 1 car seatbelt or a belt from a fabric store (I took a seatbelt from my father)
In the beginning start with ironing the fabric with steam and let it cool down, this is the first step I ever do before I start cutting or even sewing. It's good against shrinking and it makes the farbic smoother.

Step 1: You take the fabric for the outer face, put right face on right face, so now you've got the left face up. Take a disc record and put it on the fabric, you need 2 cm space from the border. Draw the excact circle line with tailor's chalk, then another plus 2 cm (not less, you need this seam allowance!) Now cut it out.

Step 2: Measure the amount of the circle so that you will gain the lenght of the middle part of the bag (must be about 1 meter, but please do measure!). Take this length (+2cm seam allowance) x 7cm, draw this on the fabric and cut it out two times.

Step 3: To hold the records, I made up some frames out of two rings. You take the circles you already have, draw this line on the farbic and measure 6 cm to the inside and cut it again two times.

Step 4: Take the car seat belt or whatever you took for the belt and cut it to the right lenght. I cut 126cm, because I like it when bags are a bit longer. Afterwards, I took a candle and burned the endings, so the belt won't come undone. 

Step 5: You take the cut circle and the cut bands, put the inner face right face on right face and put the cuts on the fabric. Cut them out. (If you want to, you can cut two more squares or trapeziums for small bags inside of your bag, for a mobile or keys, for example). 

Step 6: Take the cuts for the outer face and paste them with interlining, iron about 12 seconds and let them cool down again, be sure you won't stretch the cuts. It is important to do that, because the outer bag needs this strenght, or it will be messed up too soon. :/

Step 7: Take all cuts and de-baste them all around, it makes sure they won't come undone. If you don't have the possibilty to do it “professionally“, do the zig zag stitch with you sewing machine at the border of the cuts.

Now you have got these things(double): 
Step 8: You begin with the outer bag. Take the two bands right face on right face and sew them together at 1cm. The clue is: this is the part you put the zip in, so you need to find out where the middle is and from this point 15 and 15 cm to the right and to the left, at these points you lock the seam, make the biggest sticht you have on your machine and lock again at the point (so this seam is locked right now and you can easily open the seam after ironing). Iron the seam apart. After that, you can open the middle part of the seam. 

Step 9: Attach the zip like if its closed so that you can't see it anymore. I only used fixpins, because I am used to it, if you're not, just tack it before sewing with the machine. Step from the outside, it's the easiest way and, if you also use another color of thread, it looks pretty cool. ;) 

Step 10: Close the band as a circleband with amounting right face on right face with 1cm. Iron apart. Open the zip!

Step 11: Pin the two circles onto the circleband and sew them togeteher with 1cm seam allowance, same here: if you're unsure with the width, tack them together before. If the circleband is too wide, change the width. Iron the seams together to the middle part and turn the bag to the right side out.

Step 12: Now, do the same with the inner face. If you want to have small bags in it, begin with them, just cut them, de-baste them and tack them onto the position you want to have.

Step 13: Take the frames, turn the inner circle over with 1 cm and quilt it along the lenght, be aware not to stretch the frame! Iron it (I could write almost after every step ironing, as you see ;) ). Right now you can iron the outer circle with 1 cm.

Step 14: Take fixpins and stick the frame onto the circle so that it looks like on the two first ones of the following photos. After this, tack it! It is not that easy to sew now with the machine, I confess, so tacking is very helpful right now. This step can be seen on the third photo following. Try to put your disc record in it, if it's working, you've done everything right and you can go on (put it out again :D). Do it the same way on the other side, turn the bag over to the left and stitch close to the border (it is much easier stitching this way, for you can turn the bag over and over and you can do it in one single step) Turn it to the outside again and iron. ;)

I tried it this way, but I am sure you can also first put the frame onto the circle and then turn the circle over with the circleband just before. This is the way I did it (and well, it was my first try), because it looks more vivid, but you could also do it otherwise, because its much easier and faster. .

Step 15: Put the inner face into the bag and stick it close (not to close!) to the zip. Tack it and stitch it close to the border.

Step 16: As you can see on the picture, I did not use the seatbelt as it was, I embellished it with the inner face fabric on the borders. Here's my explanation:
Take 2 bands of the belt-length x 4 cm. Iron the first side right to the middle, do the same with the other sode, place them together with ironing.
Now you take this band and lay it around the border and step close the the open border of the band, that's all.

Step 17: Now take the belt and apply it to the bag, right below the zip, I could have also applied it before turning the bag over with the inner face, but I think it is much more firm if you do it like that. Be sure there won't be any creases on the inner face, fix it with fixpins and stitch an X.

Step 18: Last step (finally!!!): Put the records into the frames, smile and drink a cup of coffee, you've done a lot ofexhausting work! 

Thanks and love to Lu with this great idea of a Blog Party :* That was fun and a good experience explaining it in English ;)


Awww, thank you so much sweetie for sharing this unique tutorial! :)


  1. Very cool!
    I've seen people do a lot of crafts with old records but this one is by far a favorite!!!

  2. thank you @out on a limb,

    I hope, that someone tries to sew this bag and makes some photos ;)

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