Thursday, June 30, 2011

June 2011 - Recap.

Hello! :) The past month has been awesome, I mainly spend it with my friends, did a lot of crafting and when I had some time off, I enjoyed summer. :) Here you can see some of my June highlights. :)

At the very beginning of the month, Anja visited me after work, we ate the most delicious vegetarian burgers at vego foodworld and went to yoli to eat frozen yoghurt. Perfect date! <3

 Then, on the first weekend of June, Flo and I drove to Bremen to celebrate the birthday of one of our friends. :)

Still being in Bremen, we explored the city and enjoyed the great weather.

Jenny, the birthday girl we visited. :)

 This is Bremen's old city center.

 We sat in a cafe and I drank aloha, the best lemonade! :)

 Then, some days later, Anja, Malin and I went to the Wuhlheide in Berlin to see the Beatsteaks, it was such a good concert with an amazing show. On the right photo you can see how they blew confetti all over the audience at the ent of the concert. <3

 Again a frozen yoghurt date with Anja and we went to the wall park where we listened to the live karaoke.

 Still on the flea market, we spent some time with my friend Malin. <3

My friend Hanna oftens spends time with us in Potsdam and here we found an extra huge, green bug while we were out for a walk with Mogli. The same night, Hanna was our dog-sitter when Flo and I went to Berlin to see the FOO FIGHTERS live, it was incredibly awesome!!! <3

We had a fabric market in Potsdam with lots of colorful sewing supplies. On the right photo you can see the delicious coconut soup I ate at an Asian restaurant and I drank a mango lassi for the first time, it was so tasty.

This was just a few days ago, Flo and I had visitors, our best friends came to see us and here's my very best friend who I haven't seen for 7 month, the longest time ever that we haven't seen each other. :)


  1. cafe sand! one of my favorite places in bremen :) looks like a fun june <3

  2. my june was over in a rush. glad you had such a wonderful start to the summer :)


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