Sunday, June 26, 2011

The greatest band in the world, the mighty, mighty FOO FIGHTERS!

Wohoooo, the Foo Fighters, I love this band sooo much! :) I saw them last weekend in Berlin, it was the third time I've seen them live and it was incedrible, too good to be true!


 The concert was sold out and there were sooo many people!

My love!

 This is Dave Grohl!! :) I know, the photo quality is awful, but it was soo good to see him so close. :)

And of course I bought myself a new band shirt! :) <3

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  1. Oh I believe they were great... we havent talked about it yet... :)
    In te Wuhlheide weren't only many people with you on the concert, my sister sat right next to Farin Urlaub of Die Ärzte :D
    You had much better weather than us on Southside... it was so awful wet wet wet, and even worse :P But I couldn't stop watching them to get into dry cloths... <3 still in love with Dave <3


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