Monday, June 13, 2011

DIY: Easy summer dress.

Hello, hello! :) Today I spontaneously decided to sew a simple summer dress, because I have so much fabric and wanted to create something. :)

(For the German version click here. // Auf Deutsch gibt es das ganze auch, und zwar hier! :) Herzen und Facebook-Likes sind sehr erwünscht. :))

1. You only need some fabric (depending on your girth and how long you want your dress to be) and a cord (longer than your bust measurement). :) I used 2 different types of cotton fabric, one color for the inside, the other for the outside. I only used two layers of fabric, because the fabric is so thin and I didn't want the dress to be translucent. :) So if you want to, this even works with only one layer of fabric.

2. Put the two large pieces of fabric onto each other and pin the two layers together.
3. Next, sew them onto each other on three sides.
4. This is how it should look like. Next, because there is one open side, turn your large piece of fabric around so that the inside is now on the outside.
5. After having done this, iron the borders.

6. Now pin the open side and the opposite side onto each other.
7. Sew them together.
8. You now should have something like a large fabric tube which looks like on the picture.
9. Now, again use your pins, turn the top of the tube upside down like on the photo and wrap up the cord this way.

10. After having wrapped up nearly the whole cord and having pinned this, cut a little hole into the fabric, there where you wrap the cord. This hole is for getting the endings of the cord from the inside to the outside, so that you can later bind them.
11. + 12. Next, sew up the borders of the hole and pull the endings of the cord through.
13. Finally, sew the cord into the upper part of the dress.

Voila, that's it! :) It only took me about 90 minutes to sew this dress and only cost about 3€, because I used fabric I once bought at a Turkish fabric market for only 2€ per meter. :)

After I finished the dress, I went over to my new friend Mirja and she quickly took those photos of me and the dress. :) If you are interested, you can watch her photos here! :)

In case you want share this the tutorial on your blog or somewhere else, feel free to do so, but please leave a link to my blog and share some photos. :)

Have a nice Monday evening! :)


  1. tut mir leid, dass mich dein klaid jetzt nicht so sehr beeindruckt, aber ALTER - diese dachterasse!!!
    hammer. NEID!°

  2. (und warum passieren einem solche grundschulfehler wie "klaid" noch mit 28? wobei ich mir auch sicher bin, selbst in der grundschule schon gewusst zu haben, wie man es richtig schreibt...)

  3. Haha, es sei Dir verziehen! :) Die Dachterrasse gehört leider nicht mir, sondern meiner Freundin, aber ich finde sie auch ganz toll!! :)

  4. also ICH mag die Idee mit der Kordel total....das mach ich glaub ich nach :D ..aber sonst vielleicht mit Jersey...ich find das fällt hübscher...also leichter :)

  5. Jersey ist sicher auch super, aber ich hab immernoch keine Jersey Nadel. :D Wenn Du's auch machst, zeig Fotos, ich bin gespannt, wie es bei anderen Leuten aussieht. :)

  6. This is so clever! You are a crafting genius :D

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