Sunday, June 12, 2011

24 Recipes // Number 7: Deep-Fried Rice Balls

Hello! :) Here's a new recipe I tried out a few months ago, now I want to share it with you. :) I love this dish so much that I have already made it pretty often. :)

Here's what you need:
- Natural rice
- Parmesan
- Grated cheese (for example Emmenthal chesse)
- Breadcrumbs
- One egg
- Small tomatoes
- Leek
- Joghurt
- Crème fraiche
- Fresh basil, salt and pepper (and some Mediterranean herbs)

First, cook the natural rice. Then, let it cool down and mix it with an egg, Parmesa, grated cheese, chopped basil and breadcrumbs until you have a sticky mixture (maybe you need to add some water). Mould the rice mixture into balls.
Then, wash the leek and the tomatoes, cut them into slices and steam them until they are a bit mushy. Add salt and pepper.
Mix the joghurt and the Crème fraiche and add some herbs and basil for your sauce.
Then, heat lots of oil in a huge pot until there are tiny bubbles when you hold a spoon into it. Put the rice balls into the hot oil, turn them around every few seconds until they are light brown and crisp. :)
Finally, serve them with the mushed vegetables and your sauce. :)


  1. these look delicious! I might get my bf to try them later ^_^ with a big salad and some chicken. mm mm

    do you make meat and rice balls/burgers? My friend from poland makes the most delicious ones but i keep forgetting to ask her for the recipe

  2. nomnomnomnom! LECKERCHEN!


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