Wednesday, June 01, 2011

May 2011 - Recap.

Hello! :) Here is a little recap of the last month which is now over and this way I want to introduce a new blog feature. :) Because I regularly take photos with my cell phone camera, this provides a good overview concerning what I've been doing. :)

It has become warm outside, nearly like summer, and Mogli loves being outside.

Like nearly every month, we had some visitors, here's a photo of the weekend when one of Flo's two best friends came here and we went to brewerey one sunny afternoon. :) I had beer with water melon.

We took the water taxi which is like a normal taxi / cab, just as a boat (here's lots of water in Potsdam). And there was a shark to take photos. :)

We also made new friends and got to know really nice people whose dog has become Mogli's new girlfriend. Here, the two of them are soooo awfully tired after a long afternoon of playing, scampering and sniffing. Too cute to be true! <3

One day, we made vegetarian burgers with vegetable balls, they were delicious. The right photo was taken in the car when Flo and I were totally dressed up because we were invited to the European premiere and launch party of the movie "Hangover 2", it was hilarious! :)

This is a brooch I made about one year ago and still love wearing it as an accessory. On the right photo you can see some of the felt roses and the owl pillow case I made. :)

Anja brought me some fresh rosemary for cooking and I bought fresh lemon balm for smoothies. And as you can see, I LOVE good breakfast. :)

I always buy lots of fruits for smoothies in the mornings or for fruit salads.

Since it has become warmer Anja and I have eaten LOTS of ice-cream. Our favourite ice-cream parlour offers the most delicious sorbets with all kinds of amazing flovors. <3

This was just a few hours ago, Anja and I met for some ice-cream during lunch break. I love her outfit and the matching colors on these fotos. :)

What has your May been like? :)


  1. <3 <3 <3 ich mag dises haifisch bild total gerne! <3
    und eis nochmehr <3 <3 <3

    und dicH! :*

  2. think I'm in love with every single photo! those little felt flowers and brooch are adorable.

    and I am obsessed with sorbet!


  3. Da sieht man doch was der Mai für ein wundervoller Monat ist. Die Bilder find ich toll - ein schöner Überblick. Das Haifischfoto ist super. Flo und Oli auch....müsstest du mal rüberschicken und die Anja sieht auch ganz scharf aus in ihrem Outfit :))


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