Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Lu loves fashion.

Shirt: H&M
Undershirt: H&M
Shirt: H&M
Leggings: Karstadt
Shoes: H&M
Bag: luloveshandmade :D
Ring: Christmas gift <3

Hi friends! :) I just recognized that it's been a while since my last outfit post, so here's what I'm wearing today. :) It's pretty warm outside, so I decided to wear a skirt and dress in bright colors. :) When preparing those fashion posts, not until then I recognoze how many items of clothing I own which are from H&M. ;P
In case you noticed the dog on my chair which doesn't look like Mogli, this is Lotte, his new girlfriend, and today I'm her baby minder. :) They both love it! :)


  1. Immer diese Hunde, die sich in den Hintergrund schummeln ;D hübschi Outfit ! <3

  2. ich liebe deine leggins <3


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