Sunday, May 22, 2011

I love roller skates.

Hello blog readers! :) I haven't been drawing for quite a long time, but I was very inspired to draw roller skates, because two of my best girlfriends and I decided that we want to have some and so were are scouting out for some old ones on the Internet. I had some when I was a child, they had bright colors and I loved them. :)
I first made a pencil sketch, using an image as a template. Next, I made another version with a black felt tip, scanned it, edited it with photoshop and then I added the colors. :) Which one is your favourite? I'd love to have the ones colored grey, light-blue and dark pink on the left bottom of the image on top of this post. <3
If you want to see more, I uploaded all of them on flickr.



  1. Am liking!

    The Pink and Yellow stripe version gets my top vote (-;

  2. Sieht super aus. Gefällt mir gut! Ach ja und sollte ich irgendwann in 100 Jahren heiraten, lade ich dich natürlich ein :D

  3. (lu kommt dann in rollschuhen zur hochzeit)

    ehm!!super tolli gemalt!!! ich mag die weißen!!! ich ärger mich grad richtig über ebay, dass ich die nicht ersteigert hab :,(

  4. Thank you!! :)

    Juchu, ne Hochzeit, das wär toll. :)

    Und danke auch Anja, ich find die auch am Schönsten. Wir brauchen endlich richtige Rollschuhe... :)

  5. naaa? heiratest du nun auch? :D

  6. These are super!
    I adore all the bright colours used, they stand out so much :D

  7. Neeee, Jenny, ich meinte das auf Dich bezogen! :D

    Thanks, Sammy! :)

  8. supercute. nice job, lu!

    also, i just noticed the "i trade handmade" button and LOVE the idea. totally participating! xo


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