Monday, May 30, 2011

Handmade Apron 'Raspberry-Lime'

Hello! :) Maybe you have already noticed, but I'm currently more productive than ever, I feel totally inspired and have so many sketches waiting for being transformed into a project. :)
Here's what I made yesterday, I've been sewing an apron in the colors of my most favourite ice cream flavour, raspberry-lime. <3 This is the first version of the apron which I will keep myself, but I will make some more for my online shops, soon. I'm currently running out of self-colored fabric, or, to be more precise, I only have little pieces left, so Anja and I will have to do some fabric shopping this week. <3
How do you like it? :)
Love, Lu
P.S.: My number of followers has again been increasing yesterday and I'm so happy about that, so I'd like to welcome my new readers to this blog, thanks for following me and for reading my posts! :)


  1. Hach, die Farbkombination ist ja auch herrlich ...alles Ton in Ton und eigentlich viel zu Schade um sich beim Kochen die Hände dran abzuwischen :)

  2. hey, I'm one of those new followers! and this is so so so cute, I love green and pink together.

    beth x

  3. Totally looks like a reversed watermelon! Yum! You should totally make a watermelon apron with seeds and everything!!!!

  4. Thank you, all of you! :) Your feedback always makes me happy! :)
    Oh, Ashley, this is such a good idea!! :)


I'm always happy about feedback and about getting to know your opinion! :) Thank you!