Wednesday, April 13, 2011

It's spring!

Apart from the bad, rainy weather today, spring has come and I really enjoyed the weather last weekend and had my first real ice cream of the year, because my favourite ice cream parlour has just opened. :) Of course I am happy about every opportunity to try out my new camera. :)

Potsdam is constantly under construction.

The ones on the right side are my favourite flavours. :) Walnut-fig, mango and raspberry-lime. <3

Mogli, the lonesome rider. :)

I bought some flowers for our flat. :)


  1. looooove spring and your pictures are beautiful :) especially the cherry blossom tree and the daisies :)
    oh and totally forgot mogli the lonesome ride :P

  2. naaa? da hat glaub ich jemand spaß mit der neuen cam ;) das bild vom moglilein ist süüß :)♥

  3. Danke! :) Hihi, jaaaaa, ich liebe es, dass ich endlich auch ne gute Kamera hab. :D


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