Sunday, March 13, 2011

Lu loves sewing: first self-made skirt.

Yesterday, Hanna and spent our afternoon in Berlin, walked around, enjoyed the sunny, spring-like weather and bought some fabric. We wanted to go to the new fabric market in Neukölln which takes place every Saturday afternoon, but on our way there we saw a Turkish shop which sells cotton fabric for only 1€ per meter. I bought each one meter of 5 different fabrics in beautiful, bright spring colors (those ones on the next photo except of the 4th fabric), such a good find! :) Afterwards, we went to the fabric market and I bought some laces and zippers and some jersey fabric (the fourth on the photo) for a skirt. It was such a good afternoon and I always enjoy spending as much time as possible in Berlin (it only takes me about 30-60 minutes from Potsdam to Berlin, depending on to which part of the city I want to go). <3
Just after I came home, I put all the new fabrics into the washine mashine and let them dry over night so that I was able to start sewing today. :) I made this skirt today, the first item of clothing I've ever sewn for myself so far. :) I didn't use any tutorial, I just tried it according to the motto 'learning by doing' and I must say that I'm quite satisfied with what has come of it. :) Attaching the fabric to the webbing was not that difficult, but I had some problems with the seam on the lower edge, because I have never worked with this kind of jersey fabric before. :) Next time, I want to try it with normal cotton fabric, so I'll go and buy some more webbing soon. :)
So what do you think, how do you like the skirt? :) I love the color, especially in combination with the coral top I'm wearing on that photo. :)

Happy Sunday evening, 
Lu :)


  1. wow, ist doch super geworden fürs erste mal!
    immer weiter so :)

  2. Dankeschön, Anna! :)

  3. Alter Vadder! Saugut Man, ohne Scheiss, die Farbkombination ist der Hammer. Ich mag die Fotos supergern, dein Style dadrauf gefällt mir sehr gut, wie du den schwarzen Gürtel als Trennung einsetzt und die schwarze Strumpfhose, alles sehr sehr gut kombiniert. Und eh wie du dich in letzter Zeit stylst, aber das hab ich dir ja schon an dem Tag gesagt :) Das freut mich dass dir der Tag so gut gefallen hat, ich fands auch super, ich glaub ich werd am Samstag nochmal hineiern und dunklen Stoff kaufen :) Und vielleicht das olle Holzfällerhemd in dem geilen Schuppen da ;) Also wenne am Samstag wieder Bock hast, weisst Bescheid.

  4. Thislooks amazing!! I'm still trying to find the perfect fabric to make a pencil skirt! And my sewing machine is in the sewing machine hospital for a service

  5. Thank you, Claire!! :) Ohh, a pencil skirt, this musk be great! And I love those which look tike a tulip, but as you see, I'm only a beginner. :D I'll buy some more normal cotton fabric next week, because I want to try another one. Haha, so cute the expression 'sewing machine hostipal'. :D Sounds like is has a flue or something like that. :D

  6. This is cute, well done!
    I have made something a little like this but I can't say as it is still a secret. I have been meaning to show it on my blog for weeks but can't find the time to model it... ahh, I am saying too much!

  7. Haha, can't wait for you to share photos!! :)

  8. Great color combination! I love it too! And your skirt looks lovely even though it's your first try. I'm sure you'll make so more amazing stuff in the future! Keep practicing! ;-)


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