Monday, February 28, 2011

Weekend in Bremen.

 In the car Mogli always tries to be as close to us as possible, although he is belted up. :D

Hello! :)
Last weekend I was in Bremen, because a friend of us celebrated his birthday. :) We spent the weekend with eating, a little shopping and board games and I really enjoyed it. :)
Here are some photos of the weekend and of the things I purchased. :)


Those are the Town Musicians of Bremen, they are the attraction the city is famous for. I went there with Ellen I got to know through Indie Biz 2.0 last spring. :)

My new nailpolish, I love the color.

We went shopping at Primark and I bought those beautiful cardigans and pullover.

I simply couldn't resist bying this cute owl umbrella. :)

 Here's one of my Bremen highlights: guess what I spend on these pieces of fabric! :) I bought 25cm of 8 different types of fabric and only spend 9,50€ on that!! In Bremen there's a little Turkish fabric store which sells yard goods at very low prices, for example 4€ per meter. I went to the store with one of the two friends we visited in Bremen and we could hardly decide what to buy there. I'm in love and can't wait to start sewing. :)

Wish you a nice week, 
Lu :)


  1. Wenn du das nächste Mal nach Bremen kommst, musst du, wenn du noch nicht da warst, in die Bonbon-Manufaktur in der Böttcherstraße. Da werden vor deinen Augen Bonbons gemacht, die du warm probieren und in allen möglichen Sorten kaufen kannst. So gut. So Zucker! :D

  2. Seems that you had a great time! I love all the things that you purchased! Probably what I would have bought for myself also! And the photo of you in front of the Musicians of Bremen is so cute! This has been one of my favorite stories when I was little.

  3. Oh, danke für den Tipp, da war ich leider nicht! :) Hört sich aber sehr verlockend and!

    @Anzouya: Wow, I'm astonished that this tale is even known in Greek, so good! :)

  4. awh! hey mo! i love your fabric!! I got your comments everywhere but im very behind! I need to visit facebook etc a lot more!

  5. ohhhh, woher genau hast du die stoffe denn? da ich in bremen lebe würde ich da echt gerne mal vorbei schauen in dem laden! danke für den tipp! xo


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