Monday, February 28, 2011

Random handmade things.

Here are a few things I made and didn't post yet, but which I want to share with you. :)

 I love wrapping up presents with plain packing paper and then only adding some decor.

This is an accessory I made last summer. I bought this tote bag in a store for craft supplies, then added the balloons with textile color and stiched the strings with wool.

This was my first try to make a sleep mask.

 I've sewn these two rose pillow cases some weeks ago. I originally intended to sell them, but then I decided to keep them myself. :)

Here is a camera sketch I made for the next little DIY project...

This is again a tote bag I bought, then I added the lomo camera with a permanent marker. I'm currently thinking about making more of these, maybe with matryoshkas, garlands and more cameras. What do you think, which motif would you prefer?

This is a recycled accessory, because I used a red plactic hair circlet I did not wear anymore, then I added the tiny lace band and fixed it with a hot-glue gun and added the hand-stiched bow. I wore it last Christmas for dinner when Flo and I went out to a restaurant with a good friend, because it looks so festive. :)

I've sewn this bow belt two weeks ago, simply using red fabric leftovers. :)

 Here's one of my hair accessories which can also be used as a brooch. :)

What do you like best? :) I'm always thankful for feedback. :)
Love, Lu


  1. the belt is too cute! I also love using plain packing paper or brown paper bags for wrapping presents and items from the shop. It's so simple yet super stylish.


  2. Seems that we have the same taste in many things!
    I really like to keep my present packaging plain and simple using a brown paper bag or paper and then add something special like a ribbon, paper doily or adhesive decorated tape.
    I've also have painted and stitched a couple of tote bags as an experiment for potential sales but nothing in the market yet! :-)
    I love all the other things that you've made, especially everything that has to do with bows and flowers! They are my favorite!
    I also think that your idea about the theme tote bags can be a real success! Your designs are great!

  3. Ooo, so many pretty things! :D

    I think the belt is my fav though! ^^

  4. Loving all these bits and bobs :)
    Especially the bow belt, super job!


I'm always happy about feedback and about getting to know your opinion! :) Thank you!