Tuesday, February 08, 2011


Hi friends! :)

Last Saturday I celebrated my 24th birthday and I gave a costume party. :) Almost all of my best friends (two of my closest friends from Kassel were missing <3) came to visit me over the weekend, on Friday we went to a disco in Berlin and on Saturday we dressed up and had a great evening. Thanks to my friends, this was a very special birthday and I loved having all of them around me, especially since most of us live far away from each other, spread over some different places in Germany. :)
So here are some photos of the party, all taken by Malin and Jenny. (Thank you! <3)

 My buffet: I really, really love the decoration and all the delicious things we have made. :)

 All the salads are self-made, and concerning the sweets, we made half of them ourselves and the other half was bought at the supermarket.

 Dogman! :)

I've sewn this cape for Mogli, it was pretty easy. :)

 We had one of the Beagle Boys! :)

I'm soo proud of my costume! :D I bought the top, the shorts and the leggings, but I made all the accessories myself and added the stars to the shorts.

 The cute ferry!

 Isn't he the perfect pimp? :)

May the force be with you!

 Petra Pan. <3

The other Beagle Boy. :)

Frodo! <3

 Peter Parker.

 The leopard! Rrrr! <3

 Sarah Croft. :)

The is Regina Halmich, she's a German boxer. :)

 His milk is fair trade! :)

Pipi Longstocking. :)

We had two pirates that evening. :)

Here's the other one. :)

I must admit, I forgot what he wanted to represent. :P

Mogli was always with us. He's always sooo excited when we have visitors and can't decide who to welcome first.


My love! <3

Who had the best costume?

 I wanted to honour the one with the best costume and Flo won the election! :D

These two lovely ladies won the 2nd prize, they got disposable cameras. :D

I love those glasses. :D They are originally for 3D movies, but I removed the glass and gave them to the Beagle Boys for their costumes. :)

 Frodo becomes Harry Potter. :)

So that's it, we took more than 700 photos and it took me quite a while to decide for which I should upload. :)
Which costumes do you like best? :)


  1. omg how awesome! you look so great as wonder woman <3
    and a happy belated birthday

  2. Wow! Excellent looking party. My fav costumes are definitely the greasy looking pimp, yours, and the cow. Super fun :D

  3. Wow! Looks like you had so much fun!
    I think I like your costume the best, especially for the fact you made bits yourself and added stars etc, very creative and cost effective :)

  4. look what I missed.... too bad... but you look awesome on the pictures!!!! =)
    see you soon <3

  5. also eigtnlcih warst du ja trotzdem best costume :) <3

    und erik war rohrstock nur ohne maske (oda wie der heißt aus dem comic da)

  6. rorschach!!!heißt der. verdammt

  7. Thank you, all of you! :)


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