Saturday, December 04, 2010

Shop update.

Hi friends! :)
Since I'm preparing everything for the holidays, I also updated my online shop. I made some new product photos which I like much more than the old ones, I edited many of them and added some new earrings and normal finger rings to my shop. During the next weeks, some other products will follow... :)
Here's just a tiny peek for you, but feel free to visit my shop and to give me some feedback. :)

 Some of those hairbows aren't new, but I made new, brighter photos. :)

I also added some new earrings to the shop. :)

Wish you an awesome weekend, I will visit the local Christmas fair and bake some Christmas cookies! :)
Love, Lu


  1. just ADORABLE! I love the colors and those cute bows :)

  2. Beutiful blog... I like your Handmade works. And there are nice proyects.

  3. oh wow a new look! it looks great. i love all your shop items too


I'm always happy about feedback and about getting to know your opinion! :) Thank you!