Thursday, December 30, 2010

A handmade Christmas.

Hey everyone, hope you had a wonderful Christmas and some precious hours with your beloved ones! :)
I enjoyed the holidays and now I want to share some of the handmade presents I made this year. Like every year, I give away a mixture of self-made and bought presents, so here are most of the ones I made myself and some pictures of the Christmas cards I designed. :)

First, I made those felt roses as home decor for my mother. :)

This fabric bow hairclip was for my cousin. :)

Bow necklace for Hanna. :)

Stamp made of an eraser.

To make those earrings, I used the tiny beads children usually play with (don't know the English word for it and couldn't find it on the Internet :D). You stick the beads together and then you need to use a flat-iron to iron them so that they stick together.

To make those, I bought some white cups at IKEA and ceramic pen.

To make this present, I bought a plain shirt and used textile color to add the diamonds.

A necklace for Malin who works as a tailor. :)

Just another hair accessory. :)

To make stamps, I usually use simple erasers and cut the motif into them, using a linoleum cutter.

To embellish this shirt, I also used textile color. :)

I made this for Flo, using felt and normal yarn.

Those are the Christmas cards I sent away this year. I've drawn the elk with a pencil, then used a black felt tip to darken the contours, then I scanned it, edited it with photoshop and added the red color of the glitter ball and the writing. Afterwards, I printed it and glued the elk onto red cardboard. :)

Maybe you remember the Christmas stamps I made some weeks ago, I used those to embellish my present tags and all the envelopes I sent away with Christmas greeting. :)

I also love to use those thin paper bags for tiny presents, I embellished them with oher stamps I made during the holidays.

For packing, I love to use normal wrapping paper, it's good for our environment and can perfectly be conbined with some cute accessories.

Here's our beautiful Christmas tree with some of the wrapped presents before we opened them.

So, tell me about you, did you make any Christmas presents yourself? :) I'd like to see some images! :)
Hope you'll a good New Year!
Love, Lu


  1. Toll gebastelt kleiner weihnachtself (: freue mich immernoch sone Geschenke bekommen und "verdient" zu haben (: <3 :*

  2. Fleissig Fleissig! Freu mich sehr! :)

  3. Ach ja, hast du gesehen was du in deinem Shop geschrieben hast? Vögelchen Brösche ;D

  4. god u worked so hard!! I love the sewing machine stamp! i will never know how you got the ceramic pen on the mugs so straight! im very impressed.
    Happy new year!


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