Monday, December 20, 2010

DIY: Colorful canvas present.

Hello everybody! :) Christmas is getting close, isn't it? :) I'm soooo much looking forward it, can't wait! :) Today Flo and I bought our Christmas tree, it's not that huge, but sooo beautiful and it smells so good. :)
For those who are a bit late concerning their Christmas present,s here's a little DIY project that can be done quickly and easily, but is truly an eye-catcher. :)
All you need is a canvas, some fabric, some felt, a needle and a thread and a stapler, supplies that most of you creative people have at home anyway. :)

First, stitch the ornaments you've chosen onto the fabric.

Next, stretch the fabric over the plain canvas and fix it with the stapler.

Here's the final result, I really love it because it's so colorful and I made it for my mother as a present. :)


  1. this is so cute!! i found out last week my best friend was pregnant but they dont want to know the sex of the baby!! This would be great as a gift for the nursery :)


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