Friday, September 24, 2010

We don't want nuclear energy.

[Photo by Anja]

Because our government decided to extend the period of time of nuclear power stations in Germany, last Saturday there was a huge demonstration in Berlin where we demonstrated among other 100.000 people against this decision (more information on the demonstration here). Nuclear energy threatens our lives and the lives of our descendents, therefore we cannot tolerate this policy in any case. Hopefully, this unexpectedly huge demonstration has shown the political leaders of our country that there are at least some people who don't want to bow to such a policy of enormous safety hazards.
Here are some photos of the incredible demonstration where there were so many people standing up for their right to protect themselves and their environment.
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[Photo by Anja]

The Reichstag in Berlin. [Photo by Anja]

[Photo by Anja]


Electricity without nuclear energy.


  1. i would have been there with you!

  2. That's great to know, Claire! :)


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