Sunday, September 05, 2010

TrendMafia Designer Market.

Hi friends!
Yesterday I had my own booth at the TrendMafia designer market in Berlin-Wedding. Flo came there with me and helped me all day, and in the beginning I was very nervous. Unfortunately, there weren't many visitors (the vendor who had a booth next to me and has been selling her stuff at this market for many month told me that she usually sells about 60 to 70 items, but yesterday she has only sold about 15) and of the people who visited the market, there weren't many who belonged to my target group. As a result of an endless day, I only sold 4 items (a dribble bib, two hairbows and a brooch) plus 2 items to my relatives. :)
In the afternoon, I saw an old woman pointing to my necklaces and heard her saying, "You can get such ones at Woolworth for only 1€!" I couldn't believe what I've heard and I just said to her, "Thank you so much, I made these", with a friendly smile and then she was embarassed. ;P
From a financial point of view, it was of course not worth the effort (I sold items for 27€ and the rent for the booth was about 40€), but it was a great experience having my own booth, I got some compliments for my items, got a lot of useful advice from other vondors and some people picked up my business cards. :) I already had 64 visitors in my shop today, more than three times more as usual and it's scarcely afternoon. :) All in all, I don't regret having gone there, although I didn't sell much, but I must admit that I had hoped for more. :) The best thing was that some family members and lovely friends came to visit me, kept company with us and encouraged me. :)
Here are some photos we took yesterday, I hope you like my colorful booth. :)

That's the list of vendors, I had booth number 8.

Flo stayed there with me all day and helped me as much as he could. :)

I wore my brand new dress, unfortunately I forgot to take a full-body photo. :(

That's my booth, I'm so proud of it. :)

I made some new 'thank you' stamps for the tiny sachets I used in case of a sale.
Thank you for reading, wish you a nice Sunday! :) 
Love, Lu


  1. Your table looks really nice, You should be very proud :)

  2. Ja eh Luisa ich bin stolz auf dich!!!
    Das erste Mal wars kacke, das nächste Mal wirds besser :)
    Und scheiss auf die alte Oma,
    haste gut gekontert, ich glaub ich wär einfach mal ausgerastet --- oder in Tränen ausgebrochen ;D :D


  3. JUHUUUUU ich freu mich so, ich muss nochmal posten :D

  4. Ach, mit der Oma: Einige wissen nicht, was die Dinge wert sind. Selbst WENN es ähnliches bei Woolworth GÄBE, wären dann da Giftstoffe hoch 10 drin und es wäre Kinderarbeit. Prima Alternative, was?

    Du kannst echt stolz sein, und dein Stand sieht echt, echt cool aus.

    Ich würde nochmal hingehen, vielleicht waren ja die Coolen in unserem Alter und in deiner Zielgruppe alle verhindert? ;-)

  5. Your blog is so cute I'm glad I found it. Your table looks lovely. I've just starting making my own purses and stuff and would love to do craft fairs but I am worried that I'd spend more money than make money. But it seems like a great experience anyway. Maybe one day!

  6. it looks fabulous! Are these more worthwhile money wise than etsy or dawanda? I mean - are your sales better? xo


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