Wednesday, September 01, 2010


Ladies and gents, yesterday evening I got an e-mail by DaWanda (the German equivalent to etsy), telling my that my very first item was sold in my shop!!! I'm so excited, can hardly believe it. :)
The item I've sold is one of my new gameboy brooches I just made the day before, so funny. :) 
It's great, the sale gives me even more confidence for Saturday, THE day, the day on which I'll be having my own booth on the TrendMafia designer market. :)
Today's a great day. :)
Love, Lu <3333


  1. WOOHOO! congrats on the first sale. that is a big deal. im gearing up to open my shop soon. btw i love tetris too :)

  2. congrats, hon!
    ich wünsch dir soooo viel spass und erfolg für samstag! deine sachen sind toll <3

  3. grattis!!! (how you would say in swedish)


  4. YAYY!!

    congrats on having your first sale! (:

    Hope that many sales are coming your way too!


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