Monday, September 06, 2010

DIY: How to embellish a cotton apron.

As a birthday present for a friend of mine, I bought a plain, white, cotton apron in the handicraft store. Moreover, you'll need some wool or knitting yarn (mine is 100% cotton), textile colors, some paint brushes and a draft of your motive.
First, put your motive onto the apron and draw its outlines onto the fabric as often as you want to.
Next, color your motive with the textile colors you've chosen and after everything is dry, stitch around the outlines to highlight the motive.
As a next step, I've stiched a slogan onto the tiny breast pocket of the apron.
And here's the final result. :) It takes some time to draw, color and stich everything, but I think it's worth it. :) (Don't forget to iron the apron to fix the textile color permanenty before washing it! :))
My friend Anna. :)


  1. adorable! you always have the best ideas! Oh! Thanks for participating in I trade handmade!!!

  2. This is so cool. Perfect gift for anyone who loves cooking! Cupcakes are always so cute!

    p.s. You are featured on a game. Come check it out.


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