Thursday, August 05, 2010

The taste of music.

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Hello friends! :)
Last weekend Flo and I visited the Ferro Festival, which is located on a peninsula where a surface mining was located in former times. Some of the old bucket wheels and engines are still preserved as a technical monument and today, concerts take place at this awesome location.

So last Saturday we went there to see my favourite band, the Donots, and the Lostprophets which I have always wanted to see. :) Of course I took many photos (also some with my fisheye camera, but the film isn't full yet) and here are some of them to give you an impression of this wonderful location. 
Have you so far been to any festival or concert this summer or are you planning to visit some?
Love, Lu


  1. I am soooo jealous. My bf got me and him tickets to florence and the machine at the open house festival for FREE!! Cuz the place h e works is sponsoring the event.. i cant wait!

  2. i went to see James Morisson and that was cool. Gonna be seeing Imogen Heap this coming November. Yeay!

  3. Oooh, so jealous! I love the Lost Prophets! Were they really good? Also, that looks like the most awesome place to hold a festival!

  4. Sadly I haven't due to my pregnancy! :(
    Oh well I don't mind lol.

  5. Ein echt schönes Bild von euch beiden :) Deine Haare sehen toll aus!


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