Saturday, August 21, 2010

Schöner wär's wenn's schöner wär

"I would be more beautiful if it was more beautiful", that's the name of a great shop I just discovered and which is called "schoener waers wenns schoener waer" in German. 

It is a shop owned by two young ladies who have both gained their diploma in Product Design at the University of Arts in Berlin and have founded their own concept store for ecological and sustainable design. Some days ago, I found their blog on the Germany etsy blog where one can see a great map of Berlin with many interesting entries about handicraft stores, design shops, second hand stores and extraordinary markets.
Because I was really interested in the store's concept and because I'm always interested in discovering new interesting places and shops where people create handmade things, I went there today with a friend of mine. The items which can be bought in the shop in Berlin-Kreuzberg are really lovely and colorful, one can for example buy stationery, accessories, cute gifts and postcards. All products are produced in an environmentally friendly way and next to every item there's a sign where the customer can get to know more about where the item's place of origin, the materials that where used and by whom it was created.
Here are some images:

So hilarious those animal postcards.

These are some of my favourites.

Clappers for babies, aren't they cute? :)

I <3 those bags.

So lovely! I like those cute colorful animals, the print is great!

This face book is definitely better than the one on the Internet. :)

So cute!

They make those lovely cards themselves, using self-made stamps.

Recycled streep maps as notepads.

So how about you, which items do you like most? :) If you are from Berlin, you should go there if you need some cute little gifts. :)
Love, Lu


  1. Oh wow! Their stuff is so adorable! I love the russian nesting doll notebook...and the whale pouch...and the Berlin bear card...and the street map notebooks!

    I am definitely going to visit there the next time I am in Berlin! :)

  2. I love the notebooks!! I would love to visit berlin again. I absolutely adored it!

  3. suchh a cute shop full of the cutest things!


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