Sunday, August 29, 2010

DIY: Rubber stamps.

I made some new rubber stamps again, mostly for the TrendMafia designer market because I wanted some sort of 'thank you' rubber stamp for tiny paper bags in case somebody buys something. :) Moreover, I love cameras and the current moustache trend (maybe you want to take a look at this blog, there my friend Anja has also made a cute moustache rubber stamp and another gorgeous moustache accessory) and I've already made some lovely moustaches out of felt which can be used as a brooch. :) Nevertheless, these ones are my newest rubber stamps. :)

'Danke' is the German translation for 'thank you'. :)


  1. Sehr Schon! I love the Danke stamp, sooo cute!

  2. Very cuuute!! So neat and now i wonder if i can make one.

  3. you are so good at making these stamps! I have tried it before and it isn't easy!

  4. i dont know if i have the patience for making stamps! i love the one you sent me :D

  5. ooohhh! I love your moustache stamps!
    totally cute!

    I wish I knew how to make them too!

  6. i totally love the camera stamp! i'm going to make one too!xxx


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