Saturday, August 14, 2010

DIY: Rubber stamps.

This ia the second part of the ruber stamps I've made, more coming soon. :) You just need to use normal rubbers (the ones you normally use for school) and have to cut your motif into them with a linoleum cutter. :)

I'm currently totally busy with preparing everything for the designer market where I will have my own booth on September 4, there's still a lot of work to do but it is soooo much fun. :) Is there anyone of you who has already done something like this, anyone who has had a booth at a craft fair? Any suggestions or any tips? :)
Love, Lu


  1. love love love that button stamp!

  2. the button stamp is my fave too!

  3. der knopf würde sich in pink doch herrvorrangen als stempel für deien tütchen für trendmafia machen. ist ja quasi n teil von deinem logo :)

  4. I love making stamps...I might have to try the button one, it is super cute!!!

  5. these are wonderful! I especially like the button and brackets ones. cute and beautiful both :)


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