Wednesday, August 04, 2010

DIY: Rubber stamps and giveaway reminder.

Hi! :) First, I just want to remind you of my pretty giveaway I'm currently having on my blog, so don't forget to enter it. :)

Some month ago I started making some rubber stamps out of rubbers one can buy in a stationery store and used a simple cutter for doing this. For a first try, they became quite good, but I wasn't completely satisfied. Then, I discovered this awesome turorial on the Internet which helped me a lot to enlarge my knowledge about techniques and tools for making rubber stamps. You should watch this tutorial, it's great! :)

I bought such tools at a handicraft store and yesterday I tried making stamps for the second time and they became MUCH better than the first ones. :)

First, I made a draft on paper, then I drew it with a pencil onto the rubber and cut out the different parts. :)
Do you like them? :)
Wish you a great day,
Love, Lu


  1. ohmygosh, i LOVE your stamps. I've tried making my own before too, but they didn't come out as great as i would have liked. but i am in love with yours. seriously, awesome job!

  2. Like?
    I love them... I wish I could bring you to my home in Portugal!

  3. Your stamps are adorable! I wish I could draw so I could make cute stamps too!

  4. those look great! i went to my local craft store a few weeks ago looking for the material that you carve your stamp into and sadly they said they stopped selling it. then i just never got to looking for them online... but your stamps look so good it has inspired me again to make my own! great job:)

  5. These are so nice :)
    You did a great job lady!

  6. Haha saugute Idee. Die Feder ist cool :)


  7. These are so great! I love the feather and the icecream! So cute!

  8. So cute! I have a linoleum stamp kit sitting on my shelf. You have inspired me to use it!

  9. these are so cute, but I have tried this. You make it look a lot easier than it is!


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