Thursday, August 12, 2010

Big News: Trend Mafia

Translation: The designer market in the city center of Berlin, every first Saturday of the month

Hi, I've got some great news to share! :)
In Berlin there is a design market which takes place every first weekend of a month and young designers can apply there and hire some space for selling their handmade items. I have already applied there some weeks ago and they have denied my application, the reason they gave were that there are too many vendors with products that are similar to mine. I was very disappointed, but kept on crafting. :) Then, some days before the market in August, the organizer contacted me, telling me that there are some spaced left and asked me if I was still interested to sell my things at the Trend Mafia. Unfortunalety, I didn't have enough items in stock, so I wasn't able to accept this offer, but I immediately applied for September and today I finally got accepted and my application got confirmed!!! :) I'm sooo excited, this means that on September 4th I will be there all afternoon, trying to sell my handmade items, can't hardly wait! So if there are any readers from Berlin who don't have anything important to do on this day, save the date and visit me there. :) I have hired a space including a table for 33€ and will only be there on Saturday (the market takes place Saturday and Sunday, but I think for being there for the first time one day will be enough to find out if this is great for me or not :)). Only three more weeks to go, then there will be the first time I'll be having my own booth at a designer market, so there's a lot of work to do now. :)
Love, Lu


  1. Hey!!!

    Congrats... Why didnt you tell me??? this is great, unfortunately this might be the weekend of my moving from hochheim to braunschweig with the rest of my whole(!!!) stuff :/ so i cant help and support you. but you'll do it ;)

  2. YEAH, ich wünschte ich könnte den Tag da mit dir rumhängen :(


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