Thursday, July 08, 2010

Some new items.

Hi! :)
Wow, it was so hot outside today that I was nearly melting. :) I went to Berlin to bring some new items to the shop for selling them there. I brought the first ones there about 2 months ago and so far I have sold 11 items, mostly brooches, hair bows and two pairs of earrings. To my surprise, none of my necklaces were sold, but somebody has stolen one of them which means that there is at least one person who likes them. :) With selling these 11 items, the shop and I have earned about 68€ and because I get  half of the income, I've just earned the first 34€ by selling my own handmade stuff. :) So when I went there today, I also picked up the money and was sooo proud of myself. Don't get me wrong, the money itself is not that important for me, but it is great to see that somebody conciders my items being worth spending money on them and this is great! :) So here you can see the new hair bows and the two purses I made. :)

By the way, so far I wasn't able to do any of the Summer Camp projects due to a lack of time, but has anybody of you created something? :) During the next two weeks I will be a bit busy with university stuff since I'm going to write some exams, but afterwords I will have some more free time and I'm so much looking forward it. :)
Enjoy your day,
Love Lu :)

P.S.: Some weeks ago I promised to have my next giveaway as soon as I have 100 readers. The number of readers increases steadily and I can't hardly wait to announce the next giveaway then. :)


  1. The hippo purse is sooo sweet! (-:

  2. cute stuff! Congrats on the sales. I am considering talking to stores about carrying some of my things. I am always afraid to put myself out there though.

  3. ^ That was me, Ashley @ underthoseneonlights... I was signed into my bf's account. Oops!

  4. hey, congratulations to your success!!!! I will hopefully follow your good example in august and try to sell some stuff there =)

    have a great weekend!!!

  5. Thank you for your comments, ladies! Goog luck, Ashley, don't be afraid and just go asking, you've got nothing to lose. :)
    Kinka, thank you, too. :) Have you already talked to the shop?
    Love, Lu

  6. 12 more to go! i can't wait your giveaway! <3 sweet bows.


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