Thursday, July 22, 2010

In love with technology. :)

Today I bought myself a new mobile phone, because I have had my old one for four years and it did not function well anymore (I must admit that I had let it fallen down quite often... :)). Because I know about the dangers of radiation, I wanted a phone whose radiation level is not so high and has great technical features at the same time. :) So here it is and I've immediately sewn a little pouch for it. I decided for one without a zipper, because I don't want it to scratch the surface. :)
(By the way, even if I had not wanted to sew a pouch for the phone myself, I wouldn't have had another choice, because in every shop there are only pouches for iPhones, which I don't like except from their design. It seems like nearly everybody owns an iPhone apart from myself. I think I missed the trend. :))


  1. Hey!!!

    Well done, darling ;)
    Ich find I Phones ganz ok, aber man muss echt nicht alles mitmachen, gut dass du dich für ein etwas anderes "ding" entschieden hast. ich finds mittlerweile doch relativ wichtig, dass handys gute fotos machen können (halt keine krass guten, aber welche die ne gute auflösung immerhin haben, nicht wie mein derzeitiges) damit man nicht ne kleine mini cam, handy und so weiter mitschleppt sondern ein wenig weniger schleppt ;)
    ich betrachte es morgen mal!

  2. I don't have an iphone either, and got a new phone on Saturday (after about 3 years of the same phone, you win!) I'm still deciding if I want to buy a case on Etsy or make a quick one with felt...any suggestions?

  3. Make one yourself, felt sounds great. :)


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