Monday, July 19, 2010

I need your help for a decision. :)

Hi friends, how are you? Did you have a nice weekend? I've got a problem, I can't decide on whether I want to keep my natural hair color or if I should again dye my hair black, because I like it either way. Can you help me making the decision easier? On the right column of my blog you can find a poll. Thank you for your help! :)
Love, Lu

 This was one year ago after we had just moved to Potsdam.

 This picture was taken exactly 3 years ago when Flo and I visited the zoo.

 My birthday party last February. :)

 My birthday 2 years ago, preparing the food for the party.


  1. (sagmal hast du hier umgebaut?*g)

    das foto unten ist ja mal voll süß <3 ich kannmich nicht entscheiden! beides ist toll! für den sommer find ich ja heller eigentlich besser.

    aber wnen dudich entschieden hast können wir haarfärbe-mädchentag mhcen, ich muss mir auchmal wieda die haare färben :)


  2. absolutely go dark :) and i am excited to be your garland winner!! thank you so much :)

  3. I prefer your hair natural :)
    Eeee, I like your new blog layout by the way.

  4. super hot while dark!! I just remembered you sent me an email! I must reply! has a template designer you can use but i have just seen you already have three bars lol.. sorry. I was still sleeping when i read the mail and forgot xoxo

  5. I think your natural colour is lovely, but the dark really suits you too!

  6. Verdammt ich hatte vorhin schonmal gepostet aber es trat ein Fehler auf, also nochmal:


    Drei Gründe
    1. Dann haben wir zur selben Zeit die gleiche Haarfarbe
    2. Du kannst Haarfärbe-mädchentag mit der Anja machen
    3. Ein einziger Kommentar zum letzten Foto mit der grünen Jacke: DU GEILE SAU

    Süße Grüße aus dem warmen Darm

  7. i think you look much cuter with dark hair but then again Im a bit biased cos I think girls with dark hair are cuter :p xo

  8. I like the dark hair a lot too. Is it a little lighter in teh second last photo? I really like the shade in that picture.

  9. hi,

    I really love your natural color, but if you decide to color your hair black, it also looks very cute. So i think it doesn't matter witch color you decide, because they both look very cute.

    Hope it helps


  10. I think I'm liking the dark.

    I have an award for you on my site, Sincerely Rae. Please stop by to pick it up!


  11. Thank you all for your advice, ladies, it helped me a lot!!!! :)
    Love, Lu <333


I'm always happy about feedback and about getting to know your opinion! :) Thank you!