Sunday, July 04, 2010

Do you like soccer? :)

Normally, I'm not a soccer fan, because soccer is one of the things I'm totally not interested in, but during the World Cup, I'm absolutely in a fever of anticipation and I watch every game of the German team. :)
Here in Germany it's currently very hot, the normal average temperature is about 30°C (86°F). Last week I spent two days at the lake and one nearly couldn't stand the heat. How warm is it in your hometown?
Here are some images from today's soccer game where Germany played against Argentinia. :) Germany won 4-0 and it was a great atmosphere at the club where we watched the match. :)
(This is my absolutely favourite picture of the day. :))

So what about you, are you watching the Fifa World Cup? :)


  1. I sure do :D I love how insane my bf gets about foodball. I am rooting for holland and germany. my birthday wish was that the dutch will win the cup ;)

  2. me look stupid! lu looks cute <3 ;)

  3. hello!
    I gave you a blog award!

  4. i haaaaaaate football!! I dont allow it in my house lol.

    Claire xoxo

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  5. 86 degrees F! That is good weather day for me. I live in Texas. It has been around 100 degrees F for the past couple of weeks, and summer just started!

  6. Hi!
    Im giving you the Sunshine and the Versatile awards!


  7. i'm watching sometime... and today germany/spain... ahhhhhh

  8. Thank you so much, Heidi and Batzy! :) Maybe your wish will come true, Mary, and the Netherlands will win the game. It was so sad when the Germans lost yesterday. :(


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