Tuesday, June 22, 2010

DIY: My little owl army. :D

Hey, how are you? :) It's so amazing that my readers are becoming more every day, I'm so happy each time I look at the follower section. It's great to see that so many people are interested in what I'm creating, thank you for that, this makes me very happy! :)

Here's a little do-it-yourself project I made yesterday, my lovely felt owls. One part is for the shop in Berlin where I want to bring them during the next days and one I will of course keep myself. :)

First, make a draft of your motif, cut out the felt of about the size you need and cut out the contours.

Next, add white eyes and sew them with white thread onto the owl bodies.

Add the pupils and if you want female owls, you will need eyelashes. :)

Next, add the safety pin on the back of the second felt layer.

Before you finally sew the two layers of felt together, attach a tiny piece of felt to the ears, and then add a white piece of felt to the pupil.

Here are the 5 ones I've made. :)


  1. Oh my god! That is so cute! You are amazing! :-)

  2. Hey ich hab noch ne Idee für dich. Haste mal versucht was mit Bügelperlen zu machen? So richtig geile Buttons oder Ohrringe ... Und vielleicht mit deinen Nähsachen kombinieren. Stell ich mir auch gut vor

  3. Those are so cute! Congrats on the followers too, I got my first follower the other day, it's so exciting! :)

  4. aww. süß! schöne farbe(n)! wie die gucken :D

  5. Hej, I LOVE owls! :) Your's are so nice!

  6. cool army!
    i want those army at my house :D


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