Monday, June 28, 2010

Baltic Sea.

Hi friends, 
how are you? What have you been doing last weekend? :) On Saturday, Anja and I went to the Baltic Sea, we had just decided that the day before and were both sooo excited about that! :)
The German train company offers a special price every weekend with which one can go by train through whole Germany ('Beautiful Weekend Ticket'), it is for five people at most and one can only use regional trains. The ticket costs 37€ for one day and because we didn't find anybody who wanted to come with us, each of us had to pay 18,50€ for both routes which is still very cheap. From Potsdam where we live it took us about 4 hours to go to the sea, this is why we got up quite early on Saturday and took the train at 8 a.m.. During the journey, we were eating all the time, we had both prepared a lot of food like sandwiches, grapes, water melon, cherries, carrots and some chocolate. :) We arrived at noon and directly went to the beach, it was awesome!!!! We were so happy about smelling the fresh air of the sea and to stick our feet into the sand. :) First, it was a bit cold, because there were clouds all over the sky and it was very windy, but later we had much sunshine, lay in the sun in our bikinis and even went into the sea although it only had about 57,2°F (14°C)!!! :D We were nearly freezing when we went into the water, but the moment we were wet, it was great! We really enjoyed it and had so much fun, it was totally worth it! :) Before going back to the srain station after 5 hours, we ate some fish and French fries to end our great day at the sea. :) Our journey home took us 4 hours, too, and we were soo tired when we came home. Tired but happy. :)

 When we arrived at the beach. :) (Photo by Anja)

I love those beautiful basket chairs.

This seagull wanted our lunch. ;P (Photo by Anja)

Finally, the sun came out and the clouds disappeared.

I love sunbathing. :)

The ugly hotel destroing the beautiful beach scenery. (Photo by Anja)

Our evening meal; fish and French fries. :) (Photo by Anja)

 Last train home. (Photo by Anja)

We have also taken some images with our analogous cameras, but it will take some time to develop the films. :)


  1. what a beautiful, wonderful day! thanks for sharing :)

  2. I'm so jealous! I miss being able to go on random day trips!

  3. hey sweetie ;)

    hab bereits anjas blog eintrag gelesen, sieht toll aus und ich wäre gern dabei gewesen :/ das bild mit dir und der möwe ist ja mal wunderschön!!!

    kisses & hugs

  4. we are now linking to you under blogs we love :)

  5. yeah malin liest meinen blog!!! *freu*

    und...ich finde wir sollten das ab und an mal machen so mal KURZ an die ostsee fahren <3
    und malin kommt dann einfach her und dann mit so! :D

  6. Thank you for the comments, girls, and thank you for adding me to the blogs you love, Mandi! :) That's very lovely!! :)


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