Saturday, May 08, 2010

Cheep, cheep!

Here's what I made some days ago, a new brooch for spring. :) The little birdy is made of thin felt and filled with wadding. :)
Apart from creating brooches, I'm currently working on some new necklaces and pockets and today I have just finished a small curtain for my mother. What are you currently working on? :)


  1. how cute! i love saturday creating! i have incense burning, music vibin', iced coffee in hand/studio organizing and some spring projects to start/finish too! have fun and a GREAT day :)

  2. Very sweet, perfect for spring.

  3. Such an adorable brooch! I love it. ❤

    And, I'm currently working on a scrapbook for a trip to Seattle I went on with my dahling. ^_^

  4. I love this brooch!! Thank you for sending it to me!! xo

  5. Thank you for your comments, ladies! :)
    Oh, sounds great, Allie, hope you are going to show it on the Internet. :)
    Thank you, Claire, but this isn't the one I've sent you, but they look very similar. :)

  6. Super cute pin! I make felt pins too, they are kind of addictive once you get going eh?

  7. oh my goodness she is just too cute! i'm loving that little deer necklace you made too... have you made a felt deer brooch? that would be SO adorable, i'd have to ask you to make me one:)
    i'm currently stocking up my etsy shop! i forgot how much work it was to photograph and list everything!

  8. Thank you all for the compliments! :)
    Yes, Kamika, I totally understand what you mean!
    Lauren, I will definitely think about it, sound great!!


I'm always happy about feedback and about getting to know your opinion! :) Thank you!