Saturday, April 24, 2010

Little "thank you" present...

I've recently made this necklace for Anja as a little "thank you" present for helping me with some photos. :) Moreover, I'm currently making some more necklaces for the online shop I am planning to open, can't wait for the day. :) What are your current projects?


  1. <3 aw ! meins <3
    so schön !!!

    und...imemrwieder are welcome und so *g


  2. That necklace is great! I just opened a little shop and it's so much fun to make things for it! I haven't sold anything yet, keeping my fingers crossed. Good luck!

  3. Very sweet :D
    At the moment I am concentrating on my final major project which is based on what lives under the sea. On top of this I am also making softies, brooches and pin cushions in my spare time.

  4. P.s I have sent you a sunshine award, for more details look on my blog :)


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