Saturday, May 01, 2010

In love with lomography.

As I have promised lately, I'm just uploading some lomography photos (Holga and Fisheye camera) I've taken this spring, most oft them were taken in Potsdam an Berlin when we had some visitors (some of our best friends came here for a weekend in March, I'm already missing them :)). More photos can be seen on my flickr account.


Berlin Alexanderplatz. The city I love so much, the city that never sleeps.

Malin in Berlin.

Berlin, Pfaueninsel (in English: Peacock Island).

Potsdam at night.

A backyard in Berlin.

Berlin, Fernsehturm (television tower).


  1. I love my holga and my lomo but its so expensive to get them processed!

  2. hey lu!
    wunderschöne fotos sind es geworden, hab mich sehr gefreut :)
    das holga bild vom fernsehturm is ja mal richtig richtig geil!!! super farben!!! oder hast du es nachbearbeitet????

  3. Love your lomos! I'm really big into lomography too!

    check out my blog...

  4. These are wonderful! I found your blog from Club Indie. I'm into lomography as well. I have two rolls of film from my Holga that I keep forgetting to scan into my computer. =[

    I really love the first photo. Keep up the beautiful work.



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