Thursday, October 20, 2016

Handlettering Workshop with Luloveshandmade

Hello everyone! After I have started with teaching myself handlettering nearly two years ago, many projects have followed. I filled my DaWanda shop with handletterings for you, I did lots of customer requests and cooperations with handlettering projects and I also lettered a whole bunch of fun projects, most of them can be found on Instagram under the hashtag #LuloveshandmadesPenAndPaperAdventures.
This time, something even more fun has happened: I tought a handlettering workshop. It's not the first time I've been hosting a DIY workshop at all, because I have been doing this for one and and a half years as part of my job with several different topics (like sewing, textile printing, etc.), but it was my first one teaching handlettering basics for beginners and I had a blast.
Each year in September, DaWanda is hosting the Long Night of DIY and this year, they have asked me about teaching handlettering to the community. Yay, such a fun thing!
So on Septemer 24, the day had come and I was super happy about welcoming my workshop guests all day.
To prepare for the workshop, I created several handlettering pieces for the workshop participants to use as template and inspiration. They could also take them home.
There was a huge wall with some of my letterings and I prepared many postcard designs that the people were able to take home. 400 postcards gone, leaflets and handlettering inspiration cards as well.
For a super brief introduction, I made those sheets with basic advice for beginners to get started.
DaWanda had edding on board as a sponsor, so I was provided with brushpens and everything else that I needed.
Having not given a workshop for about two years and now having done this again made me realize how much I have missed this. Teaching, sharing knowledge and being among people is always so much fun and super enriching and satisfying.
Most of the people were incredibly talented and really excited about their freshly discovered skills, so lovely to see!
Aren't those letterings amazing?
Thank you again to all of you who have joined me on this day! It was a pleasure meeting you and I absolutely appreciate your feedback you have given me in person and via Instagram afterwards!
Happy day